Dr. Edward Smith, D.D.

Marieta "Mo" Oglesby, M.S., CPP, CIPM II, CPM

Bridgette D. Clark, M.Ed.

Bridgette currently serves as the Director of The Greenville Avenue Child Development Center at the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas. With more than 20-years' experience in child development, she also holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a master's degree in Educational Administration.  As the operations manager for AIMS she is responsible for seminar and class coordination in addition to serving as a senior facilitator.  Ms. Clark is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Brenda Lane-McAfee has a Master of Science in Human Relations in Business from Amberton University (1995) and Bachelor of Social Work from the University of North Texas (1982).  She is also certified in case management through the Texas Consortium of Geriatrics (1997).

Brenda worked, for 13 years, as an adult probation officer for the Dallas County Community Supervision and Correction Department. There she supervised specialized caseloads for sexual offenders and substance abusers while working as a field and court officer.

Brenda was employed as a juvenile probation officer and group worker for six years She provided individual and group counseling.

Brenda is also very active in her church and in the community.  As a member of Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ. She is also a board member for the Dallas Area on Aging

Caregivers Program.

AIMS is a collective group of industry professionals dedicated and committed to improving business and organizational environments through intensive training and education on safety management.  Focusing on innovative best practices and creative business strategies, the team of AIMS professional facilitators and certified safety managers will provide your organization with the most comprehensive approach to safety planning, management training, and the development of safety protocols procedures.  

AIMS provides valuable support assistance to our clients by providing on-site annual safety compliance audits and inspections.  Companies and organizations benefit by gaining valuable insight into possible risk, threats, and other hazards which have the potential to create negative outcomes on business environments. TheAIMS on-site inspection teams strive to reduce vicarious liability to our clients by conducting comprehensive safety inspections and presenting reasonable recommendations and alternatives to existing practices and procedures.  The safety inspection team will design and develop specific safety procedures tailored specifically to your business or organization.

AIMS employs a unique business model which includes two important components to address the aftermath of a crisis incident upon the occurrence in the workplace.  The AIMS Team of professional trainers realizes the importance of providing post-event support by training clients of dealing the emotional impact of a crisis event.  A team of victim assistance personnel is readily made available to our clients because of our partnership with local crisis responders. AIMS train our clients on managing the media in the aftermath of a significant negative event, which is crucial in protecting the company’s brand and civic image. Professional and seasoned media veterans from major media markets are employed as AIMS trainers who instructor management teams and other employees on avoiding the trap.  As an extended service, the AIMS Team of media professionals is made available to represent our business clients in the event of a major incident.   Our goal is to reduce the need for our clients to solicit or research for a public relations firms to respond in mid-crisis to help manage the media.  Our trainers are dedicated to building relationships and providing a collaborative plan of action to our clients in support of an active crisis event.  Our holistically approach to client services prepares the AIMS Team to better service our client needs in pre and post-crisis situations.


37-Years Law Enforcement experience with the Dallas Security Force, Dallas Police Department, Southern Arkansas University Police Department Chief of Police, and Chief of Police Cedar Valley College

Master Degree in Educational Administration

Professional Schools: Graduate of the Institute of Law Enforcement Administration Management College, Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute, Bill Blackwell Law Enforcement  Management Institute, and the Rural Executive Management Institute

Author of: When Officers Offend: The Root Causes of Domestic Violence in Police Families, Christian Management in Organizations, and Workforce 2000: Strategies for Diversity Management.

25 Years in News and Television Industry

Dallas/Fort Worth community member since 1995 and has enjoyed on-air positions at WFAA-TV, NBC5, CBS11, ABC Radio Networks, and KKDA-Radio

Business Owner – ME-More than Enough

Member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism

J.D. Miles is an award-winning reporter who has been covering North Texas for CBS 11 since 1996. .

He attended SMU, where he found his passion for journalism.

J.D. has reported from all over the world including the Middle East, Europe and Canada. He has also covered Texas from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle

He currently covers the Dallas Police Department for CBS 11.

Brenda Teele

Offering Management Solutions.

Marieta “MO” Oglesby is a Licensed Private Investigator, PSB Instructor, and Security Consultant.  Her 25+ years of experience is in Security Management - Physical Security, Human Resources, Property Facilities Management Specialist and is a Subject Matter Security Practitioner and Instructor.
She has worked in Property Management and Security in high-crime areas and served as a civilian counterpart to the Dallas Police Department in working to reduce activity in these areas. Her ability to organize, motivate, and convey proper procedures to her staff members and vendors has enabled her to maintain the physical security of multi-million-dollar projects.  She served as Sr. Director of Facilities/Security for Paul Quinn College.She holds a Master’s Degree in Justice Studies-Cybersecurity from Southern New Hampshire University.  She is now an COCE Instructor for SNHU teaching American Policing, an Adjunct Faculty for Cedar Valley College, and IGNITE Texas.  

Dr. Michael Sneed, D.Th.

Brenda Lane-McAfee, M.S., B.S.W., C.C.M.


Capt. Mickey Kimbrow M.S.S.L.

Mick Kimbrow is a native Texan but was raised in a military family and a graduate of Joshua High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership in Criminal Justice Administration in 2010, and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Leadership in 2012, both from Mountain State University.  He is the former Lead Criminal Justice Professor at Remington College, as well as the former Assistant Director-Captain with the Dallas County Community College District Police Department overseeing the Cedar Valley and Mountain View College Campuses.  Mick is still an adjunct professor with the College District and has numerous TCOLE certifications and awards.

Mick has been involved in municipal and county governments as a public servant over the past 20 years, working alongside city councils and commissioner courts. He has completed numerous leadership, management, and emergency management training courses including courses through Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute, Institute of Law Enforcement Administration, and FEMA. Mick has been associated with Executive Leadership for over 25 years

Mick Kimbrow is proud to serve as the first Assistant City Administrator for the City of Grandview, Texas, and looks forward to working with and alongside the business owners and citizens of the community. As the Assistant City Administrator, he will also have the additional responsibilities of being the Emergency Management Coordinator for the city.

Mick is the proud Poppa of 4 girls and 2 grandsons

Ms. Griffin began her career in Law Enforcement in the early 80’s as a Police Officer with the City of Lafayette, Lafayette City Police Department in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

After a humbling experience as a Police Officer, Ms. Griffin embarked upon a career as a Federal Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, then the Treasury Department, currently the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives under the umbrella of the United States Justice Department. 

As a Special Agent, Ms. Griffin served in the following positions:

~RESIDENT AGENT IN CHARGE, Montgomery, AL    1999 – 2003
~RESIDENT AGENT IN CHARGE, Port St. Lucie, FL 2009–2012- Retired – April 30, 2012

In May of 2012, Ms. Griffin began serving in the capacity as a Senior Police Advisor/Instructor within the Country of Mexico. 

Ms. Griffin is currently employed as a Court Security Officer (CSO) at the Earl Cabell Federal Building, downtown Dallas; providing protection for Federal Judges, other Court Personnel amongst other duties and responsibilities.   

Some of Ms. Griffin’s accomplishments and Professional Organization affiliations are:
~Medal of Valor Award – WACO Assignment, Waco, TX – 1993
~Hostile Act Award –    WACO Assignment, Waco, TX – 1993

Dr. Michael D. Sneed is the oldest of six siblings and was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

He is a graduate of Skyline High School and holds a Doctorate of Theology degree from Slidell Baptist Seminary.

 He is overwhelmingly, extremely and happily joined at the rib to his friend, his huckleberry, and wife of 30 years, 1st Lady Dorothy Sneed.

He is a retired Police Sergeant from the Dallas Police Department after 28 years of dedicated service.

Dr. Sneed has been a minister over 25 years and a pastor over 17 years.

He is the Senior Pastor of Loving Fellowship Baptist Church in DeSoto, Texas. 

15 years experience as Police Chaplain with the Cedar College PD, Grand Prairie PD, Dallas PD, and the Dallas County DA’s Office

Dean of Chaplaincy Institute for Phoenix University of Theology

Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity and Ministry

Former President/Director of Disaster Response/Director of Training with Victim Relief Ministries

27 years as executive in the Travel Industry

Accomplished and Noted Author

Anthony W. Williams, M. Ed.

Dr. Jeffrey Seif

J.D. Miles



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Dr. Jeffrey Seif was raised in a traditional Jewish family. After coming to faith in Jesus, and in response to a call into vocational ministry, Jeff took studies at Moody Bible Institute, finishing finally with a master’s degree and doctorate from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

He has been a college/seminary professor for 27 years.

Dr. Seif is also a graduate of the North Texas Regional Police Academy, is a former Criminal Justice professor, and is a police officer (part-time) in the Dallas area.

Dr. Seif holds the title “University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies” at The King’s University—Houston.

He is the project manager for the Tree Of Life Bible.

Dr. Seif lost his wife of nearly thirty years, Patty, to ovarian cancer. They had two sons. He remarried Dr. Barri Cae Mallin on October 25, 2015.